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Paid Media Campaigns

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Why Should Businesses Use Paid Media Campaigns

Paid media campaigns are marketing efforts that you pay for. Think Google Ads, Facebook sponsored posts, or promoted pins on Pinterest or tweets on X/Twitter. They produce fast and almost guaranteed results as they allow to target your audience with a laser-sharp precision.

Benefits of Paid Media Campaigns

Specific Targeting Ever tried finding a needle in a haystack? Without paid media, reaching your ideal customer is just that hard. With it, it’s like having a magnet.

Measurable Results Who doesn’t love progress charts pointing upwards? With paid campaigns, every penny is accounted for. You can see where it goes and what it achieves.

Enhanced Brand Visibility Why play hide and seek when you can be in the spotlight? Paid media ensures you’re seen, and more importantly, remembered.

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Types of paid campaigns

Facebook / Instagram Ads

Allows companies to sell their products directly to website visitors online. Visitors can browse products, read through benefits and features, and purchase items by paying online with a credit card or other payment method.

Google Paid Search

Google's online advertising platform allows businesses to create and run ads on Google's search engine and other Google properties. Advertisers bid on specific keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results, paying for each click their ad receives.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Advertising allows targeting users based on job titles, industries, skills, and other professional criteria, aiming to promote their products, services, or content to a specific demographic. It's expensive, but when done right it works really well.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads, also known as Promoted Pins, allow businesses to pay to display their content prominently to targeted users on the Pinterest platform. These ads blend in with the organic pins but are highlighted to gain more visibility and drive traffic, awareness, or sales for the advertiser's products or ideas.

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